Bakery Department

Calling it a bakery department is truly an injustice!   We think of it as a classic bakery from years past, built into a beautiful food market.

While most of the supermarkets are busy thawing out frozen product and re-baking it, our custom bakers are kicking it old school!     Of course it’s cost effective for a supermarket to use frozen product.   But compare the taste of old school SCRATCH BAKING!

We are proud to feature cakes, pastries, and cookies all hand made from scratch.   Wait until you taste the difference! Also, our master bakers and decorators are always on hand if you would like a custom cake for any occasion. We also have full photo scanning ability, and can create your dream cake with our fondant specialty team. Come in and discuss your perfect cake with us today!

You will also love our new and expanded chocolate & confectionery case!   We feature tons of treats, it’s like a mini chocolate factory of delectable favorites!

Whether you're bringing home a small after dinner desert or looking for something for your special occasion, Pat's Marketplace can help you find the perfect desert!