Delicatessen & Cheese Department

We welcome you to our gourmet deli & appetizer department, where you receive terrific service, on all you favorite deli delights at our incredibly low prices.

Along with our other deli meats, we proudly feature a complete line of fine BOARS HEAD™ cold cuts, sliced especially for you on a per-order basis. We refuse to save time by having anything pre-sliced. Compare our everyday low prices on all our cold cuts, which are generally at least $2.00 per pound less than all other stores. Don't forget, when choosing Boars Head, the best cold cuts make the best sandwiches!

Along with our fine deli provisions, we also feature an extensive line of imported & gourmet cheeses and olives. Unlike other stores, our FRESH MOZZARELLA is handmade all day long, everyday, which makes the flavor incomparable.

With our Cheese Mongers always on site, you can rest assured you will always have the perfect cheese for any use.   We are always happy to assist with any questions, and provide samples for you to try before your purchase.